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Monday, May 30, 2011

Do's & Don'ts of Summer Shorts!

With the arrival of hot weather (& Memorial Day) comes time for the do’s and don’ts of summer shorts. We all have those days where our fashion is not completely on track, here is a basic checklist every woman needs to look back to; just to make sure you look as great as you deserve to look this summer. xo Kiara

The Do’s

Where To Find This Look:

Floral Prints: A must have. Not only are they cute but they go with just about any other pattern.

   Advice: Although floral prints look great with patterns stay away from colors that clash… royal blue and orange, green and red, etc…

  Look: Black thin flowy tank paired with floral print shorts and combat boots. Finish the look for cool summer night with a cute sleeveless cardigan.
American Eagle outfitters

More For Less:

Forever 21


Bermuda Shorts: Although it may seem as though Bermuda shorts may not be very flattering for every height, they can be more then figure flattering for all shapes. Bermuda's cut right above the knee (For any gal) elongates your legs.

    Advice: For pear shaped, and thicker women this is a great figure flattering choice. Stay away from tight fitting shirts

  Look: A great tucked in oversized shirt Bermuda shorts and sandals - or get a little flirty with a strappy wedge. 

Old navy


More For Less:

Forever 21


High Waist Shorts: High waist shorts are a good idea for most body type. It helps hide uninvited weight in the mid drift and makes your waist look tiny. It gives woman hips and hides muffin tops.

    Advice: These shorts look good with just about anything; crop tops, tanks, and oversized shirts. Make sure you look twice in the mirror; some things need an extra look.

  Look: high waist shorts netted stockings combat boots and a cute cropped shirt.

American Apparel


 Forever 21


The Dont’s

Are your pants to tight? Can’t breathe in your short? Never wear shorts that Don’t fit. Please ladies rewind and choose different shorts to wear!

Never wear shorts with unnecessary giant belts. They kill the look you’re going for and like I said, just an unnecessary accessory. Giant belts are also very bad for curvy women, it brings to much attention to the wrong part of your waist.

Lastly don’t wear tacky out dated shorts with too many embellishments.  Ladies, if your first thought is “these shorts are not cute,” you’re probably right.